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A dedicated platform for exam preparations, reading school books and act like a mentor for your future career.



Exciting features of Padasalai

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Crisp and clear visual contents with a simple and intuitive interface, with much better animations.
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High quality contents and gamified level based learning for preparing competetive exams like TNPSC, TNUSRB.
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Download and read books at fingertip. Bookmark important pages, take notes while reading and access them later.
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Taking notes while reading the books is a must for the students. We have that too that helps you to take notes while reading the books.
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(Coming Soon) Pick your right career path and get the best career guidance from us and make yourself as a successful person.
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(Coming Soon) Manage your school live classes in a single place, and make your time and students more productive.

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Padasalai will assist you in the entire process of your education


Begin your education with Nool and Pasarai

School education is necessary for all children to initiate their learning, and it is the most important and foundation part of all learning and development.

Get something interesting via Noolagam

What you read is not a matter, only reading matters. Get a new experience of reading, learning and buying a book by Noolagam.

Get knowledge using Kuril and Nedil

Get the crisp and depth video contents which are helpful for your learning path. Practical learning is the key to success.

Choose your career path with Pathai

Last but not least, choose your career path with Pathai. Get the best career advice for your education from us.

Explore the features, which we offer

We have shown each and everything of us. Now it's your turn everything in your hand with a single click, so don't waste your time.



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Frequently asked question

What was the purpose of Padasalai ?
Padasalai is an educational suite which has a complete package for completing a school education. Not only for school students, it also has extra features and products for other age groups.
Is Pasarai something has any video lectures ?
Pasarai is a school management platform where you can conduct live classes, tests, exams and seminars. It's a virtual classroom.
What is mean by Noolagam ?
Noolagam is simply an e-commerce platform, from that you can order and get the physical copy of various books and materials.
Will Padasalai works in Web ?
Padasalai will adopt in web, android and ios platforms. You can use it in all your devices